Does alcohol make you gain weight? Heres what a nutritionist says Food-wine News

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You’re stressed, so you’ll likely crave junk food to feel better again. Let’s say you wake up with terrible anxiety or a mind full of regrets from last night’s behavior. You’ve doubled the recommended caloric intake of an entire day in the span of a few hours. Now that alcohol is in your body, it is being converted to acetate, which your body LOVE, LOVE, LOVES.

Does alcohol make you gain weight? Heres what a nutritionist says Food-wine News

So yes, it’s possible to gain weight from alcohol, but it’s not inevitable. This may all sound as if alcohol is ruining your chances of that beach body. But fear not — watching your weight doesn’t necessarily mean having to cut alcohol entirely out of your diet. Digestive secretions are an essential element of healthy digestion.

How long does alcohol bloating last?

If you’re one of the heavy drinkers or cannot control how many alcoholic beverages you consume, you’re better off not drinking at all. This is because you’ll add weight from heavy drinking and a lot of other serious health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. High-calorie, high carb, and high sugar foods, when consumed with alcohol, will cause weight gain and a beer belly.

Does alcohol make you gain weight? Heres what a nutritionist says Food-wine News

They often drink rather than eat, believing that alcohol consumption will suppress their appetite. Moreover, in order to compensate for the calories ingested from alcohol, these individuals will starve does alcohol make you gain weight themselves. When you drink alcohol, it’s broken down into acetate (basically vinegar), which the body will burn before any other calorie you’ve consumed or stored, including fat or even sugar.

Can Beer Give You a Big Belly?

This is equivalent to only 3.7 pints of beer or 3.1 large glasses of wine. To flush out this water weight, cut the carbs down to 50g the day after drinking. Also use intermittent fasting combined with C8-MCTs to promote additional fat-burning. Your body will prioritize burning the calories from alcohol first over other calories you consume from food. This means you will most likely store those additional calories as fat while your body is trying to clear the byproducts of alcohol calories (3). If you’re trying to slim your waistline and count your calories, you should be aware that alcohol will contribute more calories than other macronutrients.

In a study published in 2018, people who stopped drinking lost 1.6% more weight than those who did not change their alcohol intake. Still, the researchers noted that more research is needed to understand how eliminating or limiting alcohol intake affects weight loss. Drinking too much wine can lead to the overconsumption of calories and possible weight gain.

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