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Secure user accounts by using strong passwords, limiting root access, regularly reviewing user privileges, and using account expiration policies. By the end of this training, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Linux security and hardening principles, enabling you to confidently apply the best practices and safeguards to your Linux-based infrastructure. This allows them to exploit weakly secured websites with little effort.

  • The idea behind this is to switch/update/downgrade kernels faster without going through a full reboot cycle to minimize the potential system downtime.
  • Cloudflare has long evangelized IPv6 adoption, although it has largely been focused on making Web resources available via this not-so-new version of the protocol.
  • Each Log Explorer dataset is stored on a per-customer level, just like Cloudflare D1, so that your data isn’t placed with that of other customers.
  • We have previously covered how Cloudflare implements secure boot in the initial stages of the boot process.
  • These are misconceptions, as Linux also requires diligent security practices.

As such, unless you have a specific use case for this in your WordPress site, you should disable this feature. For example, if you want the MySQL server to only accept connections on a specific IPv4 address, you can add an entry similar to the example below. You should enter this under the [mysqld] option group in your server’s /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf configuration file. Cloudflare Gateway, our secure web gateway (SWG), now supports the detection, logging, and filtering of network protocols using packet payloads without the need for inspection…

LUNAR (system security scanner)

You can also change the WordPress database prefix in existing installations by updating the wp-config file and the database itself. While this guide presents a number of hardening techniques for MySQL, MySQL is just one component of the WordPress ecosystem. As such, you should also consider other aspects of WordPress security covered in our WordPress security hardening guide. This, coupled with proven security measures such as WordPress two-factor authentication, will help you ensure you’re as safe as you can be. The LOAD DATA statement allows you to load data files into database tables. Under specific conditions, this can be abused to read files from the MySQL server.

While KASLR helps with targeted exploits, it is quite easy to bypass since everything is shifted by a single random offset as shown on the diagram above. Once they know the offset, they can recover the addresses of all other symbols by adjusting them by this offset. With this scheme not only do we not Linux Hardening and Security Lessons have to worry about module signing key management, we also use a different key for each kernel we release to production. So even if a particular build process is hijacked and the signing key is not destroyed and potentially leaked, the key will no longer be valid when a kernel update is released.

Sharing the Cloudflare way

Many WordPress installations run MySQL, PHP, and a web server (such as Nginx or Apache HTTP Server) on the same machine. MySQL should ideally run on a dedicated server to reduce the blast radius of an attack. If an attacker manages to compromise and escalate privileges on the web server, it would be much harder for that attacker to move laterally and compromise the MySQL server. WordPress, the most popular CMS, runs on MySQL – one of the most popular databases out there. Spending time to secure your WordPress database and ensure it is adequately hardened against common attack vectors can help you reduce risks.

Linux Security and Hardening Essential Training Online Class LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda com

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